Proposed $300 million Brisbane Metro Airport Connection

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As part of the 2020 Brisbane Airport Master Plan, Brisbane City Council has proposed expanding the Brisbane Metro to the airport.  The masterplan is an overview of projects proposed for the area between 2020 and 2040.

The Brisbane Airport is one of the fastest-growing employment hubs in Queensland with 24,000 people currently working in the area and forecasted to reach 46,000 by 2040. Reliable and cost-effective transport between the Brisbane Airport and the city is of upmost importance as both employees and passengers have been consistently growing and are forecasted to continue.

The Brisbane Metro project is fully funded, with the Federal Government providing $300 million. It has been highlighted as a high priority project on the State Government’s Infrastructure Plan.

Gert-Jan de Graaff, Chief Executive Officer Brisbane Airport Corporation, welcomed the proposal of expanding Brisbane Metro to Brisbane Airport.

“Inadequate infrastructure severely limits a city or region’s connectivity to the world, and moreover, significantly impacts economic growth through lost business opportunities, employment, and tourism.

“Therefore, it is critically important to the continuing social and economic development of our city and region that government and industry work together to plan and sensibly grow essential infrastructure.

Possible / Future Projects

  • Expansion of Domestic and International
  • Aviation Support Facilities and Services
  • New Road Connections
  • New Skygate Air Train Station
  • New Remote Aircraft Parking and Taxiway
  • New Northern Terminal
  • Future Western Terminal Fronting New Runway
  • Future Western and Northern Terminal Connection
  • Future Mass Transit System Loop.

The first and second lines of the Brisbane Metro will provide reliable public transport from Eight Mile Plains and the University of Queensland through to the inner city and is estimated to be in operation by 2023.


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