Early Works Begin on Linkfield Road Overpass

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Linkfield Road Overpass Project Commences Early Works in a significant development for Brisbane’s northern suburbs, as the Queensland Government announces the start of this $176 million infrastructure initiative.This crucial infrastructure initiative is a collaborative effort between State and Federal governments, aimed at enhancing connectivity and easing traffic congestion in the region.

Project Overview

Linkfield Road is a vital state-controlled arterial road running between Brendale and Fitzgibbon in North Brisbane. The overpass project, a key component of the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program, is designed to improve the flow of both commuter and freight traffic, thereby boosting overall transport efficiency in South East Queensland.

The project has garnered substantial financial backing, with the Federal Government contributing $125.5 million and the State Government providing $50.5 million. This joint funding underscores the importance of the overpass in supporting the region’s growing population and economic activities.

Early Works and Key Activities

The early works phase, set to begin in the coming months, will focus on relocating public utility plants. One of the primary tasks will involve the relocation of approximately 350 metres of existing gas main. These preparatory activities are essential to pave the way for the main construction phase, ensuring minimal disruption to local services and communities.

Federal and State Collaboration

Federal Assistant Minister for Regional Development and Senator for Queensland, Anthony Chisholm, emphasised the significance of the collaborative effort between the two levels of government. “The Bruce Highway isn’t just a major commuter route, it’s also a vital freight link, and as more people choose to call Brisbane’s northern suburbs home, traffic will inevitably increase,” Chisholm stated. “Collaboration is the key to keeping up with this demand, and the Australian Government is proud to partner with the Queensland Government to deliver this crucial road project.”

Broader Implications for the Region

The Linkfield Road Overpass project is part of a broader commitment by the Federal Government to invest in Queensland’s infrastructure. In the recent budget, an additional $467 million was earmarked for the Bruce Highway, bringing the total Federal investment in the highway to over $10 billion. This extensive funding highlights the strategic importance of the Bruce Highway as a lifeline for both daily commuters and the freight industry.

For the local communities, the overpass project promises significant benefits. Improved road infrastructure will not only reduce travel times and enhance safety but also support economic growth by facilitating smoother transport of goods and services. As Brisbane’s northern suburbs continue to expand, such infrastructure projects are crucial in accommodating the rising population and ensuring sustainable development.

Future Prospects

The commencement of early works on the Linkfield Road Overpass marks a positive step towards addressing the transport challenges in North Brisbane. With strong backing from both State and Federal governments, the project is poised to deliver long-term benefits for the region. As the project progresses, continued collaboration and investment in infrastructure will be key to meeting the needs of Queensland’s growing population and supporting the state’s economic prosperity.

Stay tuned for further updates on this significant project, and how it will shape the future of transport in South East Queensland.

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