The Marble Story

Founded in 2006, we have cemented ourselves as the leading national independent recruitment group within the construction, infrastructure and mining sectors.

Since our inception, we have experienced significant growth, increasing our national footprint to a point where we now proudly serve more than 900 businesses. This year alone, we are extremely humbled to have placed 11,044 people into meaningful employment.

We proudly do things differently, constantly evolve and are passionate to the core about exceeding the expectations of both clients and job seekers.


Gary Denton, CEO Magazine

“Seizing the Day”

Just as Marble Recruitment was emerging from the uncertainty of the pandemic, CEO Gary Denton was served up another curveball – a major accident that has changed the way he thinks about life, in more ways than one.

Our Core Values

Grow stronger

We are so much stronger when we are shoulder to shoulder.
We have always been a business that grows from the inside out, collaborating on all the good stuff, supporting, cheering and celebrating together.
We know that we grow exponentially from shared experiences, knowledge and ideas.
Working with a shared purpose and showing unwavering support lifts us to a higher frequency.
We will always listen and listen more.

Be the

Never settling for 2nd best, we strive to do better, be better every single day.
We love having a deep connection to our markets, standing out from the crowd as we surpass expectations.
Knowing that we will always put our best foot forward, driving for excellence, being memorable for all of the right reasons.
We place integrity and honesty above all else as we challenge the status quo.
There’s no limit to what we can be for our markets.

Make sh#t

We turn up to make an impact every day and believe that we are here to make a difference.
We never settle for what is. We know that sometimes things do get hard but we also believe in showing grit, dusting ourselves off and going again.
We believe that our greatest learnings come through the toughest experiences.
And above all, we believe that when we connect with people we are changing the world.

Live with

We love to see the world with a sense of gratitude and abundance, it’s the frame of mind that we choose every day.
We know that we have lots to be grateful for, we find the good in every situation and see each day as one big opportunity.
We are grateful for being able to inspire careers across our industries, and we believe that gratitude’s greatest gift comes from knowing you’ve made a difference.

Learn more,
become more

We love to grow and believe that curiosity is the essence of learning.
We each live with a growth mindset and strive for more, to know more to become more, unlocking all of the good stuff in life.
We see each challenge as an opportunity to develop and accept that to learn is to be vulnerable.
At Marble, we are all in this together, learning, failing, trying, growing and learning again as we move forward as one.

Be a bloody

We are a load of bloody legends to our markets and to one another.
We know that it’s not what we do but how we do and how we make people feel that matters most.
Our actions always come from a good place.
We care about the world; we care about people and the part that we play in it.
We are mindful, we are grateful, and we love to make people smile.
We are a load of bloody legends.

Our People

Quite simply, our people are what makes us Marble. We firmly believe in the power of good people doing amazing things in the right environment.

At Marble, we are warm-hearted. We view each and every situation without judgement and always work with pure intentions. This is what we believe makes a great people-centric business.

A career with Marble

“Imagine going to work and all your extended family are there, every day. That's Marble.”

Are you an experienced recruiter looking for blue sky career opportunities and access to high growth industries?

Marble Group Services

Marble Group Services (MGS) has been established to facilitate a sustained focus on the emerging services and maintenance sectors in Australia. Initially piloted in Victoria and New South Wales, other states will soon follow.

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Giving Back

We love that we get to have a positive impact on people's careers, but as a company we are more than that.

We look to have an impact beyond our own backyard and proudly roll up our sleeves, getting involved with Ronald McDonald house across the country. Staging Mexican themed evenings and cooking up a storm for the families of kids doing it tough has been a whole lot of fun and we look forward to continuing to play our part in the community.  #pinata #smashed

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We all know that we spend more time in our workplaces than we do with our loved ones. Each Marble consultant takes the responsibility of impacting lives with the care and understanding it deserves.

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