Recruitment & Life at Marble

Would you like to be in a career where you can make a difference every day?

You play a pivotal role in the Australian economy, being able to positively impact people’s lives and careers.

Each day is unique, challenging, and different and we see people grow immensely, both as people and as entrepreneurs.

Working with some of the country’s most recognizable and respected construction, engineering, and mining companies, you will play a crucial role finding jobs for people and people for jobs.

We have people join us from many different backgrounds

Recruitment is often a career people ‘stumble’ across, and we have an exceptional reputation of developing people with transferable skills and a drive to be highly successful.

80% of our leadership team had no recruitment experience before they joined Marble.

The backgrounds of those who have enjoyed huge success at Marble include travel, retails sales, real estate, PAs/administrators, account managers, customer service, gym membership sales and personal training, sales reps, tradespeople, residential construction et” 

The common thread is those who have an ability to build lasting relationships, are competitive by nature, have a sharp mind tend to be quite tech savvy.

The earnings potential is huge!

Being a part of the Marble family, you will enjoy

  • A supportive team around you, who have your back
  • A strong and clear career path
  • A sense of making a real difference every day
  • Ongoing acknowledgement and appreciation for all that you do
  • Part of a national (and truly connected) business and a global business
  • Bold and exciting growth plans for the future
  • A hard-earned reputation and a business with 1000’s of client relationships
  • Constantly evolving tech tools to make life easier
  • Slick work spaces (premium grade offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Tauranga NZ)
  • Making a difference in our community (ongoing national involvement with Ronald McDonald House Charities)
  • Plenty of team building and social events

Working for Marble is incredible for personal growth and development

  • Significant upfront investment in training and coaching from passionate and successful leaders to get your career started.
  • Regular collaborative learning sessions with the team.
  • Weekly coaching sessions with your team leads.
  • Video learnings
  • Morning huddles & shared experienced sessions
  • External training and development

Contact Nicole Watson to find out more about starting a rewarding career in recruitment.

02 8116 2200

Are you ready for a life defining career move?

Our Core Values

Grow stronger

We are so much stronger when we are shoulder to shoulder.
We have always been a business that grows from the inside out, collaborating on all the good stuff, supporting, cheering and celebrating together.
We know that we grow exponentially from shared experiences, knowledge and ideas.
Working with a shared purpose and showing unwavering support lifts us to a higher frequency.
We will always listen and listen more.

Be the

Never settling for 2nd best, we strive to do better, be better every single day.
We love having a deep connection to our markets, standing out from the crowd as we surpass expectations.
Knowing that we will always put our best foot forward, driving for excellence, being memorable for all of the right reasons.
We place integrity and honesty above all else as we challenge the status quo.
There’s no limit to what we can be for our markets.

Make sh#t

We turn up to make an impact every day and believe that we are here to make a difference.
We never settle for what is. We know that sometimes things do get hard but we also believe in showing grit, dusting ourselves off and going again.
We believe that our greatest learnings come through the toughest experiences.
And above all, we believe that when we connect with people we are changing the world.

Live with

We love to see the world with a sense of gratitude and abundance, it’s the frame of mind that we choose every day.
We know that we have lots to be grateful for, we find the good in every situation and see each day as one big opportunity.
We are grateful for being able to inspire careers across our industries, and we believe that gratitude’s greatest gift comes from knowing you’ve made a difference.

Learn more,
become more

We love to grow and believe that curiosity is the essence of learning.
We each live with a growth mindset and strive for more, to know more to become more, unlocking all of the good stuff in life.
We see each challenge as an opportunity to develop and accept that to learn is to be vulnerable.
At Marble, we are all in this together, learning, failing, trying, growing and learning again as we move forward as one.

Be a bloody

We are a load of bloody legends to our markets and to one another.
We know that it’s not what we do but how we do and how we make people feel that matters most.
Our actions always come from a good place.
We care about the world; we care about people and the part that we play in it.
We are mindful, we are grateful, and we love to make people smile.
We are a load of bloody legends.