All About Recruitment

Recruitment Consultants are the connectors that build relationships at all levels, and with a defined focus on a particular market sector, become experts in their field.

The aim is to become the go-tothe consultant that your clients go-to when they need talent for their business, and the go-to for your candidates when they are looking to make their next career move.

They become trusted, respected and sought after for their knowledge and connection to the best people in the industry and the best opportunities across it.

A career in recruitment can offer many things. If you are outgoing, love dealing with people, get satisfaction from building meaningful relationships and like the opportunity to get out what you put in (including earning decent bonuses each month) then recruitment can be an amazing journey. Like all jobs though, we know it’s not for everyone and can at times be a rollercoaster ride. That’s why the most successful consultants are thick-skinned, glass is half-full individuals that ride the highs and lows with a smile on their dial.

At Marble our success stories come from all walks of life and perhaps like you, didn’t necessarily understand the ins-and-outs of the role and what it takes to be successful. Our comprehensive training & development program sets you on a path to success through a combination of coaching, shadowing, market research and guidance. You will be given lots of support and advice from people who have walked the same path and have a proven history in developing successful consultants.

Recruitment is a combination of relationship management and consultative sales. We must get the buy-in of our clients as well as find our talent, so success here depends a lot on the quality and quantity of your communication as well as your ability to manage many tasks at once.

A career with Marble

“The camaraderie and support I received from my colleagues and managers since the day I walked in to the Marble office is unlike anything else I have ever experienced in my working career.”