Prix Versailles names Optus Stadium the World’s Most Beautiful Sporting Facility

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Perth’s Optus Stadium has been crowned as the most beautiful sporting facility in the world.

The $1.6 billion dollar venue was opened in January 2018 and managed to overshadow five other incredible stadiums to take out the gold podium and win the prestigious ‘Prix Versailles for Sports’ award for architecture and design.

The finalists were judged by an expert panel on their “innovation, creativity, reflection of local, natural and cultural heritage, and energy efficiency”.

Also among the criteria considered were the ‘values of social interaction and participation’.

Among the finalists the following Special Prizes were given –

Louise Armstrong Stadium, New York for its Interior.

Hangzhou Sports Park Stadium, Hangzhou, China for its exterior.

In its first year, Optus Stadium has hosted an impressive 43 major events, including State of Origin and an impressive soccer match between Perth Glory and Manchester United, with more than two million fans flooding through the gates.


  • Optus Stadium – Perth, Australia (winner)
  • Hangzhou Sports Park Stadium – Hangzhou, China
  • Édgar Rentería Stadium – Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Louis Armstrong Stadium – New York, NY, United States
  • Al-Najaf Stadium – Najaf, Iraq
  • Luzhniki Stadium – Moscow, Russia
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