$1.9B funding approved for Queensland’s Infrastructure

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It has been announced that $1.9B funding has been approved for Queensland’s Infrastructure projects consisting of $606 million from the Queensland Government and at least $1.3B from the Federal Government.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said they will bring forward more than $440 million in a bid to deliver road and rail projects as quickly as possible in order to boost the economy and help the Queensland community. Bringing forward the projects will increase jobs, boost the economy and make Queensland roads and highways safer and reduce travel time for commuters.

The projects that existing funding will be brought forward include:

  • $225.6 million for Bruce Highway upgrades
  • $118.5 million for roads for Strategic Importance (ROSI) Initiative upgrades
  • $94.3 million for M1 Pacific Motorway upgrades
  • $90 million for North Coast Rail Line upgrade
  • $22 million for Warrego Highway upgrades
  • $27 million for Cunningham Highway upgrades
  • $9 million for upgrades to the roads in the Hinkler Regional Deal
  • $7 million for the examination of construction on the North Brisbane Bruce Highway Western Alternative

The following projects will receive new funding:

  • $50 million for Relocation of the Loganlea Station
  • $400 million for upgrades to interchanges on the M1 and upgrades to Exits 41 and 49
  • $20 million to contribute to the planning of the Port of Brisbane connection
  • $10 million to contribute to the development of a business case for the Salisbury to Beaudesert rail line

The Stage 3A of the Gold Coast Light Rail project will have $63 million funding brought forward and $157 million in additional funding.

This deal puts an end to a long-running dispute by the Queensland Government over the Federal Budget in April, which saw Queensland ministers criticising the Prime Minister for favouring big infrastructure projects in New South Wales and Victoria.

The Government are investing hugely in infrastructure nationally with a $100 billion infrastructure pipeline across Australia which will provide employment opportunities and economic growth across Australia in particular regional communities.

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