Your Safety

It is mandatory for all Marble contractors to complete the ‘Work Health and Safety Induction’ prior to commencing on site. Any induction is valid for a period of 12 months and must be renewed annually.

Under no circumstances may you carry out any work on site unless you have a complete and up to date induction.

That said, we are here to help!

Please make immediate contact should you have any difficulty in completing your induction.

Whilst the mandatory completion of the Marble Group online safety induction is an important step ensuring you health and wellbeing on your assignment, it is every bit as important that prior to commencing work on a host employers’ site that you undertake an induction coordinated directly by the host.

Please notify us immediately if you are asked to commence work duties prior to this induction taking place.

Your ongoing safety & well being whilst working for Marble is our number one priority. We will be in touch regularly by phone and by way of safety survey to ensure there are no issues or concerns in regard to your employment, your place of work or the duties you are being asked to carry out.

You are required to respond in a timely manner to all safety questions so we can ensure safe employment for all our contractors.

Should the answer to any of the questions below be a YES – we request you make immediate contact with us to notify so we can take necessary actions.

  • Have your responsibilities or duties changed beyond what you are trained/qualified for?
  • Are there any safety concerns about the current work environment?
  • Have there been any recent incidents, injuries, or near misses?
  • Are there any hazards you need/want to report to us?