7 Immediate Benefits of Contract Employees

Temp Contractors

Engaging with contract employees is a business solution aimed at dealing with fluctuating workloads and increasing client concern over staff turnover, the knock-on effects and costs.

Also referred to as ‘Labour Hire’ or ‘Temp’, opting for a contract employee versus a permanent staff member has a number of immediate benefits to a business.

1. Instantly Adjust To Workload Fluctuations

Contract workers offer the flexibility to staff up and down quickly, without the normal expenses associated with hiring and terminating employees.

2. A Working Interview

The opportunity to evaluate potential full time employees without commitment or administration.

3. Provide Specialised Skills

Contract employees provide you with the option to utilise a specialised skill set required for a particular project for the required time frame only.

4. Less Housekeeping

The Recruitment Agency Becomes The Employer

The recruitment agency takes care of all the required paperwork involved when hiring contract employees, reducing the demands on your internal resources. They take care of:

  • Screening applicants
  • Reference checks
  • Payroll
  • Superannuation and Tax payments
  • Occupational Health and Safety and Drug and Alcohol Inductions

The recruitment agency also cover the cost of contract employees:

  • Superannuation
  • Workers Compensation
  • Payroll Tax
  • Public Liability
  • Professional Indemnity

5. Pay For Work Time Only

You do not pay for annual leave, sick days, public holidays, et cetera.  You only pay for the exact hours the contractor works for your business.

Although the hourly rate may be slightly higher in comparison to full time employee in the same position, this is to compensate for lack of tenure, role security and benefits.

6. Relieves Existing Staff From Over-Burden Or Burnout

Contract employees can provide assistance to meet project and extraordinary business deadlines, provide additional skills, or to cover maternity, annual and sick leave.

7. Due Diligence

Your obligations as an employer of a contract employee are minimal, the legal responsibility is held by the recruitment agency.

A recruitment agency provides the same due diligence for all contract employee as they would for a permanent employee such as reference and back ground checking.

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