– What Is Recruitment

As a Recruitment Consultant, you become the link between the companies and talent, an agent for what is the most valuable resource for any business – its people. Without the right people on their team, all successful businesses know they will not achieve their goals and ultimately commercial success. This is where we come in!

Recruitment Consultants spend their days managing and developing relationships across their market. They are connectors that build relationships at all levels, and with a defined focus on a particular market sector, become experts in their field. The aim is to become the go-to; the consultant that your clients go-to when they need talent for their business, and the go-to for your candidates when they are looking to make their next career move.

They become trusted, respected and sought after for their knowledge and connection to the best people in the industry and the best opportunities across it.

A career in Recruitment can offer many things.  If you are outgoing, love dealing with people, get satisfaction from building meaningful relationships and like the opportunity to get out what you put in (including earning decent bonuses each month) then recruitment can be an amazing journey. Like all jobs though, we know it’s not for everyone and can at times be a rollercoaster ride. That’s why the most successful consultants are thick-skinned, glass is half-full individuals that ride the highs and lows with a smile on their dial.

At Marble our success stories come from all walks of life and perhaps like you, didn’t necessarily understand the ins-and-outs of the role and what it takes to be successful. Our comprehensive training & development program sets you on a path to success through a combination of coaching, shadowing, market research and guidance. You will be given lots of support and advice from people who have walked the same path and have a proven history in developing successful consultants.

Recruitment is a combination of relationship management and consultative sales. We must get the buy-in of our clients as well as find our talent, so success here depends a lot on the quality and quantity of your communication as well as your ability to manage many tasks at once.

Here is a list of day-to-day tasks that will keep you very busy as you go about matching people with opportunities:

  • Market Mapping – searching the companies within your industry that are likely to need assistance with recruitment – who’s busy?
  • Building relationships with these companies and their representatives through a combination of phone work and face-to-face meetings.
  • Consulting with these organisations to establish their requirements and business goals.
  • Candidate Mapping – where is the best talent in the market and how will you engage with them?
  • Candidate Sourcing – using multiple tools such as social media, advertising and generating referrals so that you can unearth the best people for the role
  • Qualification of Candidates – screening the talent, who do you want to meet with?
  • Interviewing Candidates – understand their backgrounds and what they are looking for in their next company and role.
  • Preparation of candidates to present to your client.
  • Booking client interviews.
  • Management of post interview process including offer & acceptance.
  • Negotiation of placement particulars including salary, start date and job description.
  • Offering superior aftercare to both clients and candidates to ensure you become a career partner for life.

In joining Marble, you are joining an industry leader and a company very proud of our reputation and relationships across Australia’s Construction, Engineering and Resources markets. If you think you’ve got what it takes then we’d love to chat. Those that are successful in securing a position within the Marble family will be welcomed into a business that has achieved its success to date through developing, supporting and rewarding our people and a group that is forever in motion.

Recruitment is an industry worth more than $11bn each year in Australia. There are more than 120,000 people employed in the sector and almost 7000 businesses involved. This makes the Recruitment industry more than 5 times larger than the advertising industry, almost 3 times the size of the travel agency industry and around $1bn larger than the real estate sector. ~ Figures from IBISWorld.

Those who are new to Recruitment, firstly join the Marble family as an ASSOCIATE RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT –

Starting your career with no prior experience in the Recruitment industry?  Sounds exciting but we know it can be just a bit daunting. That is why here at Marble we give our recruitment newcomers enough support and training on the job to help them land on their feet and set them up for a successful career in recruitment.

As an Associate Recruitment consultant we ensure that within the first 2 days you are fully immersed in a Marble induction. Several key people in the business will run you through an in-house developed trainee recruitment program including our directors. After this you will be assigned a supportive and friendly mentor who will guide you through your first 3 months in recruitment. Post the training phases Marble ensures all its consultants are reviewed regularly to assist in continued staff development.


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