Permanent Recruitment

We are incredibly proud to work closely with some of Australia’s most respected companies, sourcing and providing them with one of their key resources – their people. We listen to these organisations to gain a better understanding of their business culture, their key staff, goals and needs. Our clients recruit people, not CVs, so it also goes without saying that we advise on candidate fit and retention strategies as well as market conditions.

Through our rich industry networks, cutting edge sourcing technology and of course our people, we’ve delivered time and time again across Australia’s Construction, Engineering, Resources, Surveying and Property industries.

It’s our long-term relationships with these companies that speak loudest for how we go about our business and at the heart of our dealings is the desire to always leave a positive trail. We are a business that never settles in our quest for excellence, defining and redefining the highest standards of recruitment at all times.

As a Marble client here’s what you can expect:

  • The  majority  of  candidates  we  represent  come  referred  and  are  exclusively represented by Marble
  • We  are  familiar  with  the  reputation  of  our  candidates,  beyond  what  listed referees say
  • Our interview process is thorough, going beyond the CV to uncover key skill sets and personality traits via behavioural interviewing
  • We arm clients with information required to help secure candidates of interest
  • We  act  as  brand  ambassadors,  helping  to promote  our  clients’  profile  and attractiveness as employers
  • We  stay  committed  to  finite  vertical  markets  to  ensure  unsurpassed  industry knowledge
  • We will not solicit any of our clients’ employees
  • We remain committed beyond the guarantee period, working with clients to retain key staff


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